We’re taking nominees! Let us know who you think it should be. We like to feature stories that we think are unique and inspiring. Some are newsworthy, some are people we know and some are interesting folks we stumbled upon in our travels. Please say hello to our favorite employees!

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and the winner is...

Our April through September Winner: Astrid Thoening

We’re sure you’ve never heard of Ms. Thoening, but she turned 100 years old … on the job! She works at the Thornton Agency, a family owned business, in New Jersey. Her desk was filled with chocolates, flowers, goodies and many of the SAME birthday card that said “Happy 100th.” (There aren’t that many choices for cards celebrating 100th birthdays!) Her tip? “I don’t feel old and I don’t think old.” We salute her and celebrate her entrance into the three-five-o club (the third 50 years!)

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