We’re taking nominees! Let us know who you think it should be. We like to feature stories that we think are unique and inspiring. Some are newsworthy, some are people we know and some are interesting folks we stumbled upon in our travels. Please say hello to our favorite employees!

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and the winner is...

Our October Winner: JOHN HALKO

John Halko of the Comfort Lounge is our celebrated employee of the month. Although he’s an entrepreneur and not technically an employee, we think his ingenuity of selling pre-paid meals when he needed to raise the final chunk of money for his restaurant is brilliant! He sold those ‘comfort dollars’ to the tune of 10k where people who bought his ginormous gift cards, received 12k worth of meals in return! a 20% profit for his customers … capital for his restaurant and some forward-thinking that we applaud! Let us know how tasty that 20% is when you eat your profits at Johns new restaurant. Check the link for more information!

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