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“Craft Services” is a show biz term for “all you can eat free food.” The second Extras arrive on set they ask “Where’s Craft?” and proceed to stuff themselves. Many of these tables have tactfully written large signs…”CREW ONLY.” For Extras this really means “Don’t get caught!”

In the last 10 years the quality of catering choices has dramatically improved, because the Stars demanded it. These tables have nothing to do with the separate catered meal breaks (also delish). So Extras snack all day at Craft and some then complain if we’re told to wait our turn until the Crew and Actors eat lunch or din-din (Extras always eat last). One gal I know brings Tupperware to set and steals food for home. Fellow Extras call her the “Welfare Craft Queen.” And of course there are the Extras who do not listen to instructions from the Assistant Directors and sneak into the meal lines early because they know in their hearts they are special. Oh so very special.

It is tough to resist the late night shift Craft additions of home made soup or pizza.  Last week I took some soup from a “Crew Only” table after being told by a regular Extra on that show that it was “cool.” As I walked away a Teamster asked me what my name was. It felt like being caught by a Hall Monitor. Nothing happened but I learned my lesson….always take food when no one is watching!

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