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Today I was served a large slice of Humble Pie. Cold. We start with my 4am wake up alarm for 7am set call. 150 Extras as “Spectators” (a massive call for a hit teen sports comedy every 12 year old girl you know loves).  We are told all day to keep quiet and to have our cell phones off (which everyone ignores…we just set them on vibrate instead).  I’m sitting in gym bleachers with cool pros to my left and some 18 year old kid to my right who is dating the Director of Photography’s Daughter. This guy has a cheap cell phone that he claims cannot be set on ‘vibrate’ and he keeps getting 30 texts an hour, each preceeded by an annoying ‘squeak squeak’. For some reason this kid does not get caught but several of us got whiplash from rolling our eyes. Meanwhile Production had rented only 4 porta-potties for all the Extras plus 50 crew members. Imagine 200 angry people waiting in line all day delaying shots. I heard a wardrobe gal damming her internal organs.

At 3:30pm I got a text confirming I was being “recalled” to work this same show again tomorrow (hurray more money and a 9:30am call time so I can sleep late!). I immediately set my alarm clock on my fancy iPhone for 6:35am (“be prepared” is my motto). Later the 18 year old’s cell phone goes off during a take and luckily for him he has a low ring tone and it doesn’t spoil the scene. He does not get caught. Again! At exactly 6:35 pm during a heavy dramatic shot my iPhone alarm clock goes off.  I am talking earth shattering digitally reproduced old school fire alarm L O U D!!  200 people look at me as I fumble the 10 seconds to turn it off. Immediately the 2nd Assit Director is in front of me with a Big Sound Guy shouting “He did it!”. I feel red corpuscles bursting all over my face. A young female Extra in front of me says “You should be fired” (she’s spent the previous 11 hours talking about a celibate guy she likes desperatedly who is “just taking his time”). Someone gives me a fist bump and says “way to go Bro!” and another starts doing a comedy pitch for a series called “Johnny Extra” whose cell phone goes off in courtroom shows. I presume I am going to be walked off the sound stage (which happens a lot). I have explained to 20 people at this point that I accidentally pressed “pm’ instead of “am”. Oops! Somehow the world does not end, and I am still going back to shoot tomorrow …Johnny Extra in “The Squeakquel?”

3 Responses to “iPhone? What iPhone?”

  1. Chris Lind says:

    And how was the craft? 🙂

  2. John Starr says:

    Christine my dear,

    Crafty was delicious on this shoot and worth me making a complete fool out of myself by accident!!!



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