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My Commercial Agent sent me on a Clown audition recently (my first in 30 years since I had 3 call backs for Ronald McDonald … really!) Driving around Hollywood I heard a biker yell “Cram it Clowny!” I went by Central Casting because their “Availability Phone Line” also needed Clowns (great timing). I told them I was in the neighborhood auditioning for Hamlet and immediately booked the job. I also made Balloon Princess Crowns for the ladies behind the front desk.

The circus location night shoot was a total blast. I worked with 3 other Clowns under a Big Top Tent Center Ring out in the Valley during a cold front. Everyone was freezing but I got to use my Balloon Artistry and Magic Tricks so who cared? One of the other Clowns lost his Red Nose and I had a spare (‘Johnny the Clown’ is always prepared!) The guy who did my make-up also worked on me in 1976 at Universal Studios. He’d missed me.

As a Clown you can joke with everyone including the stars on the set (usually a major ‘no-no’ is engaging with the stars … leave the famous people alone, trust me.) The show’s hot young male lead walked by and asked “What’s up?” and I said “just Clowning around.” I like being a cool TV Clown (and it sure beats doing kids birthday parties.)

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