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On Healthcare

1 What’s the one thing you think insurance companies should never cover?
Any injuries caused by landing the wrong way on your golden parachute.

2 What’s the one thing a doctor should never charge for?
Doctors don’t charge for anything in 97% where I come from! This is such an America-centric survey.

3 What’s your favorite medical instrument?
The MRI machine. It’s a little like being buried alive in another dimension.

4 If you were in charge of healthcare, what plastic surgery procedure would you like to make illegal? The question all of LA sweats over the most.

5 What’s the most unhealthy thing you do?
Dream of a career in show business.

6 What’s your best home healthcare remedy?
Cooking! And wine. And music. And when you feel really crappy, afternoon naps and listening to the radio.

7 Would you rather be rich or healthy and why?
Healthy. If you were rich and sick, all you’d wish for would to be healthy.

8 What would you be willing to give up or do without in exchange for healthcare?
Living in the United States! (I moved away in 2006)

9 Who was your favorite TV doctor?
Maura Tierney. Did she play a doctor?

10 If you could have any medical procedure free of charge what would it be?
As a citizen of the 99%-of-the-planet-where-health -care-is-regarded-as-a-human-right, I hate to break it to you 1% who live where corporate profiteering, year-end bonuses, government bailouts and scandalous behavior by healthcare executives all seem to be human rights: they’re all free, for almost all of us. As well they should be.

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