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Robbie on Healthcare


1 What’s the one thing you think insurance companies should never cover?

Anything Carrot Top should want.

2 What’s the one thing a doctor should never charge for?

They shouldn’t charge for those backless gowns. “They don’t have a

3 What’s your favorite medical instrument?

The door handle on my way out.

4 If you were in charge of healthcare, what plastic surgery procedure would
you like to make illegal?

Lipo! Or anything Carrot Top should want.

5 What’s the most unhealthy thing you do?

Living in LA. But I love it!!!

6 What’s your best home healthcare remedy?


7 Would you rather be rich or healthy and why?

I’d rather be rich! Why? Why not.

8 What would you be willing to give up or do without in exchange for

The View. Not from my window, the tv show.

9 Who was your favorite TV doctor?

Marcus Welby.

10 If you could have any medical procedure free of charge what would it be?


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