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The bigger your wardrobe the more you work as a Hollywood Extra. Yesterday I borrowed my Boyfriends ’70’s Disco Shirt & Bell Bottoms for an upcoming movie audition. I couldn’t zip up the pants and will have to wear the shirt out. Possible deal breaker. Perhaps if I lose 10 pounds by Wednesday?

So right now I’m on the set of a new big Network Drama. When Extras check in for their call time they go to wardrobe to show their selections. The big deal is when you show up and your outfit is approved without change. Oh, I’m approved and you are so not approved in that outfit honey! I was “approved” today in my muted colors upscale casual clothes to be a “sushi patron.” Many of the other Extras were hot messes. I love it when Wardrobe personnel ask these folks “Is that all you brought?” Following instructions correctly is a big part of being a successful Extra I am learning.

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