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I’m working on a Hitchcock-like Movie Thriller today and am just a few feet away from ‘Mister Hot Young Actor Who Has Co-Starred In Several Billion Dollar Franchises’ (7 Sequels to date, but who’s counting?).  He is playing a killer doctor with a killer hair cut.

I am a Hospital Cafeteria Cook who just watched the Coroner remove a body bag after my lunch rush. All I can say is…don’t order the Candied Salmon Loaf! People are dying to try it! Owww! Sorry. We’re shooting at an abandoned hospital that my Grandma, Sister & Dad all stayed at over the years. Weird, right? The cast & crew have complete run of the place…all 7 floors.

You’d better be in great shape to be an Extra. All day we have been running up and down stairs (elevators ring bells when the doors open and ruin takes so the Director has all of them shut down). Production has us in Holding on the 6th floor. Crafty is on the 4th floor for snacks. We run down to Wardrobe on the 2nd floor then back up to 6.
Did I mention we are shooting in the Café in the basement which requires running back down the stairs, out the front door and then around the building’s sidestairs? The Extras dressed as patients in pajamas and slippers are freezing their tushies off and complaining to beat the band. They hate us because we are wearing Wardrobe supplied highly starched White Hospital Staff Uniforms that are cozyish (I had to buy white Perry Ellis tennis shoes on the way to set at Ross Dress For Less for $23! But such a deal!).  At Wardrobe I had to fight someone to get the last available Apron so my look would be complete. I won. Ha ha.

My Dad makes joking suggestions prior to most of my jobs (often giving me lines to feed the Director like “You call that a set up Mr. Scorsese?”)  This morning Dad said when ‘Mister Big Shot Movie Star’ walks past I should jump on the counter and sing “Did anybody say…TAP DANCE?!?”  Instead I texted friends that the Hot Actor couldn’t take his eyes off me. It could happen. Shut up.

P.S. Just got texted a hire-back booking tomorrow on the Thriller! I guess someone wants to see me again! Told you so!

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  2. admin says:

    THANKS, LOANS! and yes, we think john starr is awesome! thanks for appreciating him!

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