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Early morning calls are a reality of the business. Recently I saw the gorgeous 5:30am Sunrise over Dodger Stadium’s Palm Trees… (we parked there and were taken by Van to the Sunset Blvd Echo Park area recreating South Side Chicago Winter time. Next time you watch a freezing November Scene don’t forget it is probably 80 degree in Los Angeles and everyone is sweating under those layers of clothes.

This show booked me as a Chicago Cabbie with attitude to spare. I got to pull up in front of a Pawn Shop for the Handsome Straight Male TV Lead (he’s in his early 40s and a former Movie Star, this is his 2nd attempt at a Series). He is a pleasure all day and either has something in his eye or cannot stop flirting and winking at the Extras (including me…so he is comfortable with himself). A group of teenage boys across the street keep yelling lines from his iconic 1988 High School Murder Movie Classic. He waves and they scream louder. I want to yell “Back off boys he’s mine” but I wisely decide to keep my big mouth closed instead. What we do for Art…

This season I’ve worked on two TV Shows that were cancelled before my episodes aired. Was it something I said? This show got axed the week after I shot it. So my Cabbie scene won’t see the light of broadcast. Waaah. At least I got a wink out of it.

10 Responses to “Ya Big Flirt!”

  1. FanGirl88 says:

    i love your blog!

  2. John Starr says:

    I love that I have a fan! Thanks!

  3. Ben Estrella says:

    Mr. Starr, I think you are going to be one of the greatest extras in the history of movies! And your dog is thge next rin tin tin lite.

    Ben Estrella

  4. Dhnisky says:

    I never miss one of your blogs – they are very well done!

  5. You inspire me to quit my job — oh wait, I’m unemployed — and join you on the set. Any extra jobs for short Jewish gals with tall brothers? I’m in!

  6. John Starr says:

    Sis- you’re hired! Be on the set 5am Monday!

  7. Carol Schneider says:

    any set? i’m there!

  8. Daisy Swan says:

    John – you have taken Plan B to a whole new level. So fun to see you shine 😉
    Keep up the good work — and inspiration — for all of us!

  9. adriana says:

    Love the blogs, John! Keep em’ coming!

  10. Mindee (Miller) de Lacey says:

    Your blog is so funny! I just love it! Haven’t seen you since UCLA. Would love to reconnect!

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