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and the winner is...

dean MillienOur January Winner: Dean Millien!

Millien’s developmental disability has not stopped his life long dream of being an honored and supported artisan! Thanks to J. Crew on Madison Avenue, Dean’s magical metallic tin foil animals are seen by thousands who smile at the whimsical creatures created by Millien’s fertile imagination!

It’s takes Millien about a half-hour to create one of his creations. He fashions kangaroos to ducks to dogs in the animal realm and has even sculpted the Manhattan skyline and city bridges. Animals, he declares, are his favorite. His preferred medium? Well, any garden-variety aluminum foil delights him!

We not only salute the winner, Dean, but the folks at J. Crew for seeing talent and supporting sensitive souls who sometimes create to the tune of a different drummer! Bravo Dean!

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