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John Starr and his dog Lucky StarrSix months pounding pavement was all it took for Mister Lucky Starr to book his first Major Film Romantic Comedy playing “Dog in Park” (with me as “Guy with Dog in Park” aka Professional Animal Handler…once my papers get approved that I haven’t filled out yet). In other scenes I’ll be “Man & Wife Traveling with Daughter & Dog in Car.”  Hello first ‘Dog Bump’? Lucky Makey Money!

Get this…By coincidence I pick up the Voice Mail Booking as we arrived home from Lucky getting Groomed (he’s still wearing a Blue Ribbon and is soooooooo ready for his Close Up). What fun to pack Collapsible Dish. Food, Water, Treats, Pirate Halloween Doggy Costume (you never know) plus 6 Complete Upscale  Marina Wear Selections for me (thank goodness because the Award Winning Wardrobe Designer was Picky with a Capital Picky). Also brought my $10 Silver Wedding Band bought at Rodium Drive-In/Swap Meet in 1976…you never know).

Lucky’s Real Life Melodrama goes something like this: Year Old Sandy Matt-Haired 20 Pound Terrier-Mix runs on a Freeway. Wonderful Hero Women Bravely Risks Life Saving Dog! She Instinctively crowns him “Lucky”, gets him to the Pound &  creates ‘Adopt Lucky’ Web Page. My Wonderful Sister knows that The Boyfriend and I are ready for another Best Buddy to come into our lives & she finds Lucky for us (ugh! too mushy!).  Bottom line…our Rescue Dog’s real name that we had nothing to do with so shut your mouth is…LUCKY STARR. Enough with the jokes folks, we’ve heard ’em all (and “yes” Ringo Starr is my Brother if you’re asking).

paparazziPapa Papa Paparazzi everywhere when Lucky & I arrive at 5:30am Location Base Camp (1/2 hour early so he can get acclimated to Show Business). Very exciting working with Real Male & Female Young Hot Movie Co-Stars (& His Gorgeous at any Age Fabulously World Famous WIFE stops by for Lunch a couple times). During a Panoramic Wide Shot Lucky & I were 2,000 feet away from The Leads so the Paps let us look through their Telephoto Digital Lens. Have you done that?  You can see the Stars’ Pores. Literally. I am not kidding. Scary. No thank you if you’re listening.

The Male Superstar has the most amazing looking Photo Double/Stand In I have ever seen in my life. They stop traffic when they walk together through the Set. Identical. The Double is already tired of hearing about Jeff Bridge’s 40 year Best Friendship with his Double who he thanked at the Oscars. Young Double today is cool & several people tell him they hope he’s getting paid well because he earns it. This Guy’s seen on TMZ-Like Sites regularly next to Mister Superstar always captioned “Seeing Double!” Hardee-Har-Har. He’s friendly & has to decide if he wants to be the Unfamous Almost Twin Forever (& travel the world & be in the movies and make a good living & be in high society & be young sexy gorgeous & look life a Superstar & kind of be one of his closest friends). Or he can be An Actor Looking For Work and someone else will be cast tomorrow as the Star’s Next Stand-In. In the words of my Father…”That should be his worst problem.”

Back to Lucky. The Big Shot Director of Many Many Comedy Franchise Smashs comes over to pet Lucky. He asks his name & I say “This is Lucky. He’s a Rescue Dog who had that name when we got him. My last name is Starr. So he’s really Lucky Starr.” The Director says “He took your last name?”

By the end of the 2nd day everyone knows Lucky. “Hi Lucky Starr you cute Doggy” say the Pretty Blonde Bikini’d Stand-Ins. He loves every minute. He always has a dish of water & snacks. Suddently the friendly 2nd AD appears & asks us to follow her. We are walking directly to the center of this huge Marina BBQ Scene & the 1st AD asks if I’d Stand-In for a Lead & let someone else walk Lucky in scenes. Hmmm? Adios Lucky & Hello I’m a Movie Stand-In. Johnny Extra & Lil’ Lucky hit The Big Time. Such a Total Blast! Did I mention how great the food is? Grilled Steak & Eggs for Breakfast, Filet Mignon & Crab for Lunch. Bartender made Smoothies & Turkish Coffee. 3 Kinds of Meatloaf for a Lite Supper Snack. Hot Freshly Baked Goods all day & Tons of Great Fruit & Veggie Stuff Too. Oh, and I had to turn down work on the Biggest Tween TV Show in The World because we were already booked together on this (anything for Man’s Best Friend Who Now Earns His Own Kibble).

another cute picture of john starr extra and his dog luckyLucky was asleep the second he got in the car after the 1st day’s shoot. The next day my Cinderella Stand-In Bump vanishes into “Just Guy with cutest Dog in the Movies since Rin Tin Tin”. Selfishly the original Stand-In for the Shaved Head Lead got out of his so-called sick bed and came back to work so I was demoted back to Extra. Some of yesterday’s Stand-In pals became Stuck-Ups today and totally forgot we were Best Friends All Yesterday. Taking a page out of GYPSY our Lucky knew just what to do. While I was getting Warm Melted Brie on French Bread at Crafty he took a piss on their Toaster (which for some strange space issue was sitting on the grass not the table). You don’t have to tell me it was my fault. Believe me I got it. I really apologized to Crafty Guy (and talk about pissed, he was). But he was a pro & cool & Lucky & me learned an important Set Lesson without getting into any real trouble (was it our fault that everyone around us thought it was hilarious and adorable and laughed and giggled?). I think not. Thankfully Lucky was not the Friendly Overweight Red Lab who left a Massive Dump by the Omlette Bar during 6am Union Voucher Sign-In. She was loveable, as was the Giant Chocolate Shepard. But Lucky was Most Popular, trust me. A guy driving by, pointed at him “Look! A Movie Dog!”

Hollywood meet Lucky Starr. He’s Adorable, Friendly, Doesn’t Bark or Bite, Loves Children & Adults & is Well Behaved. And yes if you’re asking…Lucky did take a crap on camera.

17 Responses to “Lucky Starr … the Movie Dog!”

  1. Laurie says:

    John, you should have never stopped writing. But you still got it sweetie!

  2. Good doggy! Smart doggy! Great bloggy! Ruff ruff.

  3. adriana says:

    Ha! Yay for Lucky making his debut!

  4. Lynne in East Sussex (UK) says:

    He will soon be more famous than you!

  5. Deborah Schuster says:

    What a riot!! Xo

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Ben Estrella says:

    great blog.

  7. Preneka says:

    I love it!!!!

  8. Andy Kaplan says:

    Funny stuff

  9. dan says:

    Lucky needs his own blog – can he write?!

  10. Elena K says:

    I LOVED your blog, very funny as always! Keep ’em coming my way, please! xxx,ek

  11. Tim says:

    That’s our Lucky!!!! What a “starr”

  12. Twila Danzig says:

    Lassie who? Clearly Lucky Starr is Hollywood’s Top Dog!

  13. Nancy says:

    Hey John…sounds like you are REALLY enjoying your life as an EXTRA.

  14. Andray says:

    You are a very talented young man John. I love your attitude. Keep me updated on Lucky’s career. Oh yea, and yours!

  15. John Starr says:

    Here’s an update folks…

    Please look for Part 2 of this above story in my archives called: ‘Full Bonanza’

    Part 3 is called ‘The Guy with the Tie’

    Thanks. John Starr (your Man in Hollywood)

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