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and the winner is...

Our March Winner: The Stool Bus Creator!

Lussier and Sons Septic Service Stool Bus SAYS IT ALL. Whoever had a sense of humor in this company deserves a raise! With these eye catching trucks, rolling around Clinton, Connecticut and nearby locations, we think this truck should go to Washington DC from time to time and perform it’s magic!

This photo has found it’s way into e mails, on websites and on google search. But they are a real company with real service men and women who drive around and give smiles to everyone who sees their rolling ‘s%*ttruck’ and saves people 24/7, rain or shine, sleet or hail. All hail to the Stool Bus! Nice one.

One Response to “March, 2010, Stool Bus”

  1. Nickie Tuttle says:

    Besides Escherichia coli, what is a full name of one bacterium that could be in this StoolBus?

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