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and the winner is...

Our October Winner: The Employee who made zebras out of donkeys!

Gaza strip zoo has replaced it’s zebras with painted donkeys! We give the employee, Ahmad Barghouti, mad props for organizing this incredibly creative idea so that children would be able to see zebras in the Marah Land Zoo. Unfortunately, the 2 Zebras that once thrived there, died of starvation during the Israel-Hamas war. Mr. Barghouti said that a professional painter used imported French women’s hair dye to create a beautiful exotic beast out of an ordinary donkey.

The Zonkeys got buzz cuts and after trial and error with henna dye that rubbed off and other paints that wouldn’t be healthy for the animals, a painter used masking tape to create the lines. In war torn Gaza, this Zoo is near a refugee camp and often the only entertainment and respite from strife and hardship. We salute the zookeepers who definitely made more with less!

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