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NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Los Angeles, CA, United States, 03/11/2009 – is committed to giving a voice to 12.5 million unemployed people in the form of a video Quilt

A ground breaking project puts a face on today’s unemployment crisis. has created the Unemployed Quilt, an electronic video web-record of today’s out of work citizens. The Unemployed Quilt brings a voice and identity to America’s 12.5 million plus unemployed workers. As the United States approaches its highest rate of unemployment in decades, many Americans in all walks of life are being affected.

The Unemployed Quilt project is the creation of two often-unemployed television professionals Sue Wolf and Nick La Penna. With its launch, The Unemployed Quilt is an autobiographical anthology available to everyone on the web. La Penna said, “We have been looking for a way that America’s unemployed can share their own unique stories, their hopes, dreams, aspirations and frustrations.” “The Unemployed Quilt is a way to document and unite all of us who are unemployed.”

Wolf stated, “As story tellers we encourage everyone to reach out, take a chance, and share their experiences.” “By weaving these disparate tales together, our hope is that we can learn from one another’s stories, finding humor, strength and comfort in our numbers,” said Wolf.

“Unemployed people, we encourage you to turn on your video cameras and web cams and tell us your story. Upload your stories to YouTube, send us the link and we’ll stitch it together” said La Penna. “History, at any given moment, is literally a bunch of biographies woven together … which is why we believe the Unemployed Quilt Project will be historical” said Wolf.


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