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The world’s first Unemployment Clock debuts on


PR Log (Press Release)Mar 17, 2009 – Los Angeles CA.  As the nation’s unemployment rate climbs, one website is keeping time with the numbers. launches the world’s very first Unemployment Clock on the web.

The unemployment clock is the creation of two often-unemployed television professionals Sue Wolf and Nick La Penna.   With its launch, The Unemployment Clock joins The Unemployed Quilt project in documenting the current crisis in the country.  La Penna said, “It’s staggering when you see a visual representation of the number of workers who are unemployed minute by minute.”   Wolf stated, “By seeing the Quilt and the Clock together, users can finally put faces on the number of unemployed workers.” The Unemployment Clock, is based on the Department of Labor’s data and a projection of April 3rd’s next official statement.

The creators encourage all unemployed workers not to despair at the numbers but draw strength from the message that we are not alone.  “We optimistically look forward to the future when we can watch the numbers tick down,” stated La Penna.  “The clock is our way of bringing attention to those who might otherwise feel ignored.” said Wolf.

As the numbers increase by the hour, they reflect actual human stories.  Those stories run the full spectrum of the human condition from people who are angry, depressed, elated and scared all the way to the truly bizarre.  “People are not just numbers” said Wolf, “they are living, breathing stories that make up the fabric of our history right here in 2009!”  La Penna said “As the numbers advance, one can imagine that each tick is another person who just received a pink slip.”

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