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and the winner is...

solar toothbrush

Our August Winner: The Inventors of the Solar Toothbrush!

Dr Kunio Komiyama and Dr. Gerry Uswak just invented the Solar Toothbrush.  As Employee(s) of the Month, these two braniacs not only made this little gem work with the aid of a built in solar panel, but they’ve elimnated the use for toothpaste altogether!

The Soladey-J3X will be made by a Japanese company called Shiken and uses technology that sends electrons to the top of the toothbrush which reacts with the acid in the mouth, busting bacteria and pulverizing plaque. We award them the coveted iGet2Work Employee of the Month award not only for their invention, but for the peace this will bring to couples everywhere who argue over how to squish the toothpaste out of the tube!  (Topsies or Bottomsies?)

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