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and the winner is...

chelsea baker

Our July Winner: Chelsea Baker!

This 13 year old Baseball Phenome, is just getting warmed up!  Even though she technically isn’t an ’employee’ since she sports the uniform of a little league team in Plant City Florida, you watch … someday soon, she’ll be employed as a pro ball player!  Yup.  This Girl, whose pitches are 64 miles per hour, also has an awesome batting average:  .604!

In a League of Her Own, she uses a knuckleball that was passed down to her by pro-baller Joe Neiko. Chelsea played T-Ball with Neiko’s son and quickly pestered Neiko Sr. to teach her the deadly knuckleball.  Chelsea says her knuckleball sort of floats like a Butterfly, which makes it difficult for batters to know which direction it will fly in.  Hey batter-batter.  What an inspiration for girls with dreams, everywhere!

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