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and the winner is...

Marisol Valles Garcia

Our October Winner: Marisol Valles Garcia!

How did this 20 year old college student get the job of Police Chief of Guadalupe, Mexico?  She was the only one who applied.  With beheadings rampant and drug wars raging, the border town with one drug corridor leading to Texas was looking for a new Police Chief.  In former times, this kind of job was difficult to land and took many years of politicking.  Now it only takes an application and the cockeyed optimism of a youthful mother of one.

Mexican newspapers have said she’s the Bravest Woman in Mexico!  We agree and award her the coveted Employee of the Month badge of honor.  All kidding aside, we wish this young college student, who is studying criminology, the very best and safest of reigns.

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