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and the winner is...

punch me panda

Our December Winner: Punch Me Panda!

We honor Artist Nate Hill, who created Punch Me Panda, a stress-relieving Panda you can find wandering around Nu Yawk City. Yes, he does housecalls (no parties according to his website) to help the angry shut-ins, too. How does he help the rage-inclined?  You may punch him.  Check out the Wall Street Journal’s photo essay …it shows just how brilliant Nate Hill is. He also created Death Bear that comes to you and takes objects away from you that cause you grief and pain.

We love the creativity of this Performance Art Service and wish Nate would clone his Panda and send it around the world to help create Peace On Earth for 2011.

You’ll be delighted to learn that we were so impressed with Young Nate, that we have awarded his character, Mr Dropout, our coveted Unemployee of the Month Award!   If you need the services of Death Bear, Punch Me Panda or want to follow Nate on Twitter go to his official website!  We can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

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