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Two unemployed filmmakers, Sue Wolf and Nick La Penna, have created a compelling film, “The Unemployed Quit Project”, about the reality of unemployment. Like Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame, today’s unemployed deserve their starring moment.  The voices speak directly to the drama and crisis of unemployment by putting a face on the raw statistics.

Video artists La Penna and Wolf decided that the silent killer of Unemployment was no longer ‘someone else’s problem’ and posted a mash-up film that would freeze in time, the chorus of lonely voices.  “When we searched for the proverbial breadline, we were stunned that it had migrated out of the streets and onto the web.  The breadlines are online!” said Wolf.  From Danger Man, a middle-aged superhero in blue tights, to citizen reporters, the full story of unemployment, spanning denial to death and silliness to suicide, unfolds clip by clip.  La Penna stated, “From kitchen complaints to basement confessions, the true reality show plays out on the web as everyday people from all walks of life confront the brutal effects of unemployment.”

“The Unemployed Quilt Project” doesn’t end with the film; a living video wall has been growing in cyber-space at  La Penna and Wolf have been taking the pulse of discouraged workers, 99ers, minority un-employees, new-to-the-workforce youngsters, over50 pink-slippers, and the uncounted for over 2 years. Coinciding with the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ body count, the filmmakers will add new faces to the Quilt Project every month.

This voyeuristic Pop Art film was inspired by the Unemployed Quilt’s video wall and shot on location in New York and Los Angeles.  It opens a window into the intimate lives of out-of-work employees.  The unemployed filmmakers premiered their video online for audiences to experience 24 hours a day on their site and on YouTube.

Full 15 Minute version:

2 Minute version:

30 second trailer: … are all available for embedding or viewing! is the web home for humor, information and stories from the world of work.  Founded on August 8th, 2008 by Sue Wolf and Nick La Penna, serves as the ultimate blog for all things ‘work.’

Sue Wolf ; director/ producer: known for ground breaking HBO comedy shows “One Night Stand,” “Uptown Comedy Express” and “Woman of the Night” Sue has worked for Comedy Central, MTV, Disney, Lifetime, CBS, ABC, TBS, UPN.   Hit programs include “Richard Pryor: I Ain’t Dead Yet Muth#rF^%ker”, “Legends: Rodney Dangerfield,” “Dinner and a Movie” and “Comedy Central Roasts.”

Nick La Penna; writer / producer: who’s work includes projects for MTV, ABC, Sci Fi, CNBC, ShopNBC, CBS, Food Network, USA Networks, Family Channel, TBN, Vh1, A&E, Fox and International Syndication including the pop culture hits “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous,” “Runaway with the Rich and Famous” and “Fame and Fortune and Romance.”

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The Breadline is Online — The Unemployed Get 15 Minutes of Fame in Movie