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Return To School

You learn that you can only afford to go to school if you have a really good paying job.

I’ve finally reached the point that I’m ready for college. It’s not that I didn’t already attend college. It’s just that I think I could appreciate it more now that I’ve spent most of my life working. I’m at an age where my contemporaries are packing their children off to school. Neverthe- less, I think I could really make a go of it now. Getting up for a 10AM class… no problem. Reading information that doesn’t interest me in the least… with my eyes closed. Studying for exams…I can start quiz- zing myself right now.

Maybe the self-help gurus are right;“unemployment is the time to follow your dreams.” It does seem that college life has changed a little since my first go-around. Now you don’t even have to leave your house to begin study in any number of challenging and fulfilling fields.The “Online Campus” brings the world of knowledge right to your com- puter. No need to bother with long lines at Bursar’s, Registrar’s and advisor’s offices.The dorm is your bedroom. Folding card table…class- room, recreation center…basement, snack bar…refrigerator, bathroom medicine chest…infirmary.You can watch video-lesson instructions, listen to podcast lectures, and take exams right on your laptop.

I can see it now, how I’ll dress for the graduation ceremony to be held on my living room sofa with a celebration to follow on the coffee table and my “Cyber Sheepskin” will become my new screen saver!

Just as I was ready to hit the send button and enroll as a full-time student the tuition screen appeared. One course at Internet U will almost cost the same as an entire semester at my good old state alma mater did. It seems you can only afford college if you have a good paying job. I guess I’ll have to settle for a trip to the public library.

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