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You learn that dumbing yourself down on the application form only takes you from over-qualified to under-qualified.

The job I’m applying for is considerably below my pay grade, but as they say,“any job is better than no job.”The company advertising the opening is one of the largest retailers in the country with a very impressive web- site listing in-house job postings for just about every state in the union. I enter my zip code and as luck would have it they’re hiring less than a mile from home. Ok, the jobs are in warehousing, but at least the hours are good so I’ll have days free to continue searching for work.

The position postings are as follows; Shift Supervisor, Forklift Operator and Materials Handlers. I’ve got no experience driving a Forklift so I pass on that one, the Shift supervisor would work but it required five years of prior experience as a Warehousing Shift Supervisor that I don’t have. So that leaves Materials Handler.

It says that they’re hiring more than one so maybe chances are in my favor. I click on the listing and am forwarded right to an online application. No problem. I fill out the address and other general information then I come to the educational section.The options are“high school,”“GED,”“some high school,”“college,”“some college,” and “graduate school.”

In the past I’ve felt foolish and out of place listing my academic background when I knew it didn’t jibe with the position.This time, I’m going to try something new.Thinking like an undercover investigative reporter on some cable news program I’m going to gently “revise my background” making me a shoe-in for the job. No mention of graduate schools, double majors or honor societies. I’m going commando and jumping in with a high school education plain and simple.

A few days later an e-mail arrives in my inbox. It’s from a Human Resource Specialist who thanks me for my interest in the Warehousing position, but that they would prefer an applicant with some college. They go on to ask if I ever considered continuing my education?

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