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Here’s my two-minute speaking role as the Public Defender on YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Please enjoy my classic dialogue …

“I’m the Public Defender” and “This is not helping my client!”

59 Responses to “John Starr as ‘Public Defender’ on “Young & the Restless””

  1. Doug Roberts says:

    You are one scary ass clown on Ant Farm. My daughter thinks your Discusto bit with the ring was funny.

  2. Carol says:

    I saw you tonight on The Middle!!


  3. John Start says:

    That was a very hot day and I was sweating like no bodies business! Thanks for watching Carol!

  4. John Starr says:

    Who the heck is John Start? Whoops!

  5. Kathy R says:

    Hey – I mean to tell you I saw that The Middle!! It was a complete surprise. Glen and I were watching (I record it) and I said “hey wait…I think that’s John!!”. Thank goodness we live in the age of our own personal replay.

  6. Laurie says:

    Saw you, Saw you, Saw you!!!

  7. Andy Estrella says:

    You were brilliant. Nice suit.

    Heaton’s a comic genius. Who knew this show was on four years.

  8. Ben Estrella says:

    Hey, some real nice shots of you.

  9. John Starr says:

    The great suit is from their wonderful Wardrobe Dept.

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