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Here’s my two-minute speaking role as the Public Defender on YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Please enjoy my classic dialogue …

“I’m the Public Defender” and “This is not helping my client!”

59 Responses to “John Starr as ‘Public Defender’ on “Young & the Restless””

  1. Leslie Clark says:

    Awesome!!! Congratulations! I’m happy you sent that to me to watch, bc I didn’t get to see it when it aired. Niiiice reel footage 🙂

  2. Marina says:

    oh that’s cool!!!
    well done.

  3. Ann says:

    You were great, John! I wanted you to have more lines! Very nice job.

  4. Ladoe says:

    I am so proud!! I bet they are writing a permanent part for you as we speak. You knocked that out of the ballpark.

  5. Ann Peck McBride says:

    Very nice job!
    I was particularly impressed with what you did NOT do-wave your hands around like the other lawyer with all the lines. What was up with that? He was like a windmill.

  6. Oren says:

    You’re the best!!

  7. John Starr says:

    Thank you guys for watching! It was a blast to shoot!

  8. Chris says:

    I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I liked the dirty look you threw at her as you left. :)…

  9. Nicky says:

    Congratulations, My Friend! I need to get myself a DVR so I can record your fabulousness!

  10. Andray says:

    Great Job John, If I ever get in a pickle, I will call for your legal services!

  11. Laurie Morgan says:

    You’re next line should have been “Shut up bitch”

  12. Julie says:

    You go boy!!! I wish I had a TV….

  13. John Starr says:

    Laurie – Too true!

  14. Maureen K says:

    How totally awesome for you!

  15. Mark says:

    Very cool! I love checking this link!

  16. Karlyn says:

    Can I make a deal so that I can be your date at the Emmys???

  17. Amy Levy says:

    We, Hannah, my mom and I all saw it. You were great, loved the suit and the briefcase!

  18. Francis Cox says:

    Great job, John! I love the way you briefly stroke your client’s back as you make your exit. Clearly you guys were headed for an intimate client-attorney conference out in the corridor.

  19. Mandy Green says:

    I particularly liked the emphasis on “This is NOT helping my client.” As opposed to other interpretations of the deeper meaning of the line such as “This is not HELPING my client”, or even the Uta Hagenesque “THIS… not helping my client.” Olivier eat your heart out!

  20. Mike Sherlock says:

    Smart delivery John, and smart with the attire too!

  21. Marion Kalmus says:

    Fabulous! You look and sound great.

  22. Fundi says:

    Imagine me coming home from work, sitting down to strip away the day’s remnants of S.F.’s “concrete jungle” and playing the recent recording of The Young And The Restless to catch up on the next episode of dysfunctional wealthy family madness. As Abby and Carmine face the legal heat from their immature, ridiculous antics—and she all but tosses him under the bus—in walks Carmine’s Public Defender who is none other than Mr. Starr! What a fabulous surprise! I called Tom in and replayed your entire scene time. You look great! Now I know Carmine will get the true “justice” he deserves (smile).

  23. Rich says:

    Big surprise to see you on my favorite show Weeds last night as a stoned patient eating cookies. Munchies rule!

  24. Ben Estrella says:

    What can I say, u brought tears 2 my eyes.

  25. Gil says:

    FUN! You look great!

  26. Joe Hardin says:

    Perry Mason I presume…

  27. John Starr says:

    Everyone should please feel free to use my new catch phrase …

    “This is not helping my client!”

  28. Dave says:


  29. Andy Estrella says:


  30. Tracey says:

    Great job, John. Glad you’re keeping busy!

  31. Norman says:

    We screamed watching your clip on Y &R. Our new expression: “This isn’t helping my client.”

  32. annaliz silveira says:

    Darling John, I am so thrilled to see you in the story!!!! You were, of course, FABULOUS, and I am just tickled to see you do such a dynamite job on such a well established show. I salute you, and your career. Thanks so much for sending this along. I hope it is the first of many!!! Love, Annaliz.

  33. Junko (Tokyo) says:

    You are looking great!

  34. Annaliz says:

    So THRILLING!!!! Great job!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  35. Chill says:

    Congrats mr Star n keep ROCKIN

  36. Kami says:

    LOVED your Y&R clips! You were great! So happy for you!

  37. Bonnie says:

    Ain’t you the one. Nice to see AND HEAR you.

  38. Lynne says:

    Nice to hear your dulcet tones again.

    Very smart too!!

  39. Richard says:

    So I’ve finally seen some Y&R! It looks very tawdry with only the bald guy playing the PD acquitting himself in the daytime drama.

  40. John Starr says:

    1.) Thank you!

    2.) How dare you!

  41. Roy says:

    Nice job John! Congratulations!

  42. Preneka says:

    Enjoyed watching this little clip during my lunch break 🙂 Good job.

  43. Eleanor says:

    You were great on the Young and the Restless.

  44. Shelby says:

    Yeah John! Good job!

    Thanks for the link.

  45. Lucas says:

    Saw you last week as a juror on Franklin and Bash!

  46. Phil May says:

    You know I follow you in all ways. Your latest two line triumph shows a deep commitment to the legal system, while exposing a repressed wilder side. I got what you were going for.
    Not sure the camera was placed correctly for your “du nu mont” but for those of us with an eye, it was all there anyway. Film scholars get it This particular performance will never be repeated.

  47. Chris Lind says:

    My taped program ran out yesterday, and what was on regular tv, but 2 broke girls! It was the episode about buying a cake mix, or something. I couldn’t concentrate on the plot, because of the extraordinarily handsome man in the background. He looked so annoyed. It reminded me of the handsome but annoyed lawyer in another show I saw recently. 🙂

  48. Doug Roberts says:

    saw you on cbs this morning. you are a scary ass clown!

  49. Carol Schneider says:

    They repeated the CBS Sunday segment today! You were as good the second time if not better!!!

  50. John Starr says:

    Yes. CBS kindly told me it was repeating. Thanks for the notes & texts.

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