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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! On New Stands now! Please feel free to run out this second and buy the May Issue of “GQ Magazine”.

Here’s Johnny the Clown’s co-starring five page photo spread. I pick Julia up at a Clown Disco and away we go. And there’s a Happy Ending to this “groundbreaking clown exposé.”  Meanwhile while dancing on set to Motown Julia asked if I had kids. “I’m a homo” I tactfully replied “and one of my Nephews plays Volleyball with your Son”. We made plans to say “hi” at their next games. Really. She looks forward to seeing me without makeup. She’s witty and wonderful and everyone loves her on set. And ‘Access Hollywood’ showed me in a TV Promo Clip dancing at the Clown Club.  If you google “Julia Louis-Dreyfus Clown Sex” you’ll see I’m blowing up. Ow. And exactly when was the last time you were paid to take your shirt off? It was a surprise to me too (found out the storyboard at 6:00am. Surprise, get naked. Cool?).

I was booked by my wonderful persistent Agent (let’s call her Pam) who gets all the credit for this total blast of a job. I turned this down several times (don’t ask). Finally agreed. The Photographer Mark Seliger (over 150 Rolling Stone covers) was relaxed and a terrific director. It’s rare to talk about my bedroom scenes with semi-naked female co-stars. But folks…Clowny treats her like a Lady. Then gets up and leaves.  

Notice I’m wearing my yellow sparkle tie at the Club? But in the Hotel Penthouse it’s tossed on the bed. That’s the last I saw of it. By the time both adorable babies were in make-up and costumes my tie was missing. Too much hub bub (hubba hubba). And yes two little babies (neither was having headgear. Wigs and hats went  flying. Waa waa waa bring in the other baby! Get the picture?).  Lots of cool crew and Mad Men like Hip Ad People. This was the Big Time. Very exciting to be Mr. Top Model. Clowning Around. Someone thought I was 28! It’s just a tube of grease paint and a follow-spot. So my tie’s missing in the baby picture (which is the last page “parting shot” in issue with the baby caption “He’s Got His Dad’s Nose”. Btw, thanks ClownyCrapDotCom for fast replacement tie. You can smell the circus sawdust they use for packing.

To up the creepy clown factor while on the bed shirtless during a break I asked “Why do Cannibals hate Clowns?” and answered “Because we taste funny”. Oh I got groans. But won them back telling Julia “I’ve had more sex with you today then with any other woman in my life. And I’m not kidding”. Brought down the house. And my pants. Honk Honk Rim Shot.

Disco John and Julia Louis Dreyfus

Disco John and Julia Louis Dreyfus




Julia Louis Dreyfus John Starr

Apres Amour


Baby Dreyfus Starr?

Baby Dreyfus Starr?


Real quotes about little old me… Huffington Post raves “Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Has Sex With A Clown in Hilarious (Yet Disturbing) GQ Shoot” USA Today asks “What is nude Julia Louis-Dreyfus doing with that clown?” Hollywood Life reports “Julia Louis-Dreyfus has Clown Sex. Actress Strips Naked with a Clown.” Perez Hilton spouts “Julia is forever down to clown and fool around! See more than her nose getting honked here!”

55 Responses to “John Starr – Clowny Beds Julia Louis-Dreyfus! GQ Magazine May Issue 2014”

  1. Dudley Champion says:

    By the looks of it I’d say you’re doing just fine clowny. Hope to see you soon

  2. Louisa Peterson says:

    I ADORED that Julia Louis Dreyfus spread by the way. What fun!!!

  3. Lynne Sherlock says:

    What an act! I hope you got paid well for it!

  4. Carrie k. Wong says:

    Hi John!

    Lee and I saw your photos in GQ!! How awesome! 😀


  5. Julia McCarl says:

    Oh John,
    What a hoot….Sounds like fun! I love when you send your funny stories!
    Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
    Cheers and hugs, julie

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