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John Starr as “Saul” in THE CHICKEN CHRONICLES (1977) from JohnStarrTV on Vimeo.

11 Responses to “John Starr as Saul in the Chicken Chronicles 1977”

  1. Dudley says:

    That was awesome Saul even though you broke the stopwatch.

  2. Francis says:

    You see what happens when you’re “careless with school property”? Your hair falls out!

    Love it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Kami says:

    John, this is so great! How did I not know about this? Of all of the wonderful stories you’ve told me, I think I missed this one.

    So much fun to see you in action! Thanks for sharing!

    Love and miss you a whole heap!

  4. Ed H. says:

    Steve Guttenberg should have taken you along to be a deckhand on Cocoon…

  5. Laurie Morgan says:

    That was last year, right?

  6. John Starr says:

    Ladies & Gents,

    Yes, this is a brief clip of my 1977 Film Debut in “The Chicken Chronicles” as ‘Saul, the High School Track Manager’. I was 21 when I shot this (please note full head of hair last seen in the 1970s). This movie bomb briefly premiered at the Hollywood Cinerama Dome staring Steve Guttenberg (also his debut).

    Enjoy, J

  7. Mandy Green says:

    How fantastic!!

  8. Twila says:

    I remember that full head of hair.

  9. Jon Sherlock says:

    Oh, you handsome youngster you!

    It’s just a mystery that the Steve Guttenberg fella went on to a stella career and not that much more talented Saul character!!!

  10. Kathy says:

    Fun to see this. You’re a star, John Starr.

  11. Amy says:

    Hey John,
    The video is so cool! You look exactly the same! 🙂 loved it.

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