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Nick La PennaSue WolfThe creators of iGet2Work Sue Wolf and Nick La Penna are successful television and media professionals who have become the iGet2Work experts. With a many years of experience in free-lance employment and unemployment, Sue and Nick have frequently been the out-of-work experts. Surviving the unpredictable and often inhospitable environment of television has provided them with many lessons learned the hard way.Just like a hollywood cliché, the two often found themselves between jobs, meeting in restaurants sharing words of encouragement between orders of anything fried. The most important message to come out of these high carbohydrate sessions was never panic. The iGet2 brand, is a manifestation of the good, the bad and the funny experience of living life.

Jim Kellem
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iGet2Work was inspired by: Studs Terkel. He elevated the every-day worker to honored celebrity status. As Jon Stewart said when Studs was on ‘The Daily Show’ … you are the “the premiere chronicler of american life”. His book, “Working”, is a true American gem which was even made into a musical which you can find on DVD! We bow to the simple genius, that wandered around America, gathering stories that will always be important.