iGet2Work introduces Jeff Kreisler. He is a stand-up comedian with a book coming out this Spring titled “Get Rich Cheating”. As a winner of the Bill Hicks Spirit Award, Jeff enjoys political humor and poking fun at big business. His work credits include writing for Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008, Reader’s Digest and on CBS radio.

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1) What’s the most important thing for a student to bring with them on their first day of school?

A black belt in karate.

2) What’s the one new back to school thing that teachers should have?


3) How does a student know if they’ve got a good or bad teacher?

Do they cry more than once an hour? If so, they’re bad.

4) What’s the longest part of the day?


5) What’s the best thing to do if you’re called to the principal’s office?

Puke on yourself.

6) What does “back to school” mean to an adult?

Another year gone since we had it easy.

7) Why should kids stay in school?

To keep it easy.

8) What’s the worst thing you ever did in the school cafeteria?

Served food.

9) What’s the worst thing you ever did in the school bathroom?

Made food.

10) When you day-dreamed in school, where did you go?

Cindy Crawford’s mole.