iGet2Work introduces Jeff Kreisler. He is a stand-up comedian with a book coming out this Spring titled “Get Rich Cheating”. As a winner of the Bill Hicks Spirit Award, Jeff enjoys political humor and poking fun at big business. His work credits include writing for Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008, Reader’s Digest and on CBS radio.

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1 What’s the one thing you think insurance companies should never cover?

Insurance company executives.

2 What’s the one thing a doctor should never charge for?


3 What’s your favorite medical instrument?

The Sexy Nurse.

4 If you were in charge of healthcare, what plastic surgery procedure would
you like to make illegal?

Fake lips. If I wanted to kiss rubber, I’d go back to testing tires.

5 What’s the most unhealthy thing you do?

Answer internet questionnaires.

6 What’s your best home healthcare remedy?

A packet of emergenC in a cup of herbal tea. Seriously, learned it from a 70 year-old who’s fit as a 50 year old.

7 Would you rather be rich or healthy and why?

Rich, because I could buy muself a healthy clone.

8 What would you be willing to give up or do without in exchange for

Complaining about healthcare.

9 Who was your favorite TV doctor?

Dr. Who.  

10 If you could have any medical procedure free of charge what would it be?

Insertion of a bottomless stomach … by a sexy nurse.