iGet2Work introduces Tom Frykman. Follow an unemployed Frykman who shows us how building your dream house is the same as buiding your dream! His many talents include, writing, performing stand up comedy and hammering..

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1) What’s the most important thing for a student to bring with them on their first day of school?

A Good attitude.

2) What’s the one new back to school thing that teachers should have?

Pepper Spray.

3) How does a student know if they’ve got a good or bad teacher?

They’ve got a good one if they’re still listening.

4) What’s the longest part of the day?

From lunch until the school’s-out bell.

5) What’s the best thing to do if you’re called to the principal’s office?

Pretend you don’t know where it is and skip the rest of the day.

6) What does “back to school” mean to an adult?

Relief that they made it through summer and the kids are still living!

7) Why should kids stay in school?

So they don’t have to dig ditches later.

8) What’s the worst thing you ever did in the school cafeteria?

Stuck my finger in my friend’s brownie and said “Do you want that?”

9) What’s the worst thing you ever did in the school bathroom?

Smoked and drank beer.

10) When you day-dreamed in school, where did you go?

No further than the hot girl in the front row.