iGet2Work introduces Tom Frykman. Follow an unemployed Frykman who shows us how building your dream house is the same as buiding your dream! His many talents include, writing, performing stand up comedy and hammering..

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1 What’s the one thing you think insurance companies should never cover?

Breast Augmentation.

2 What’s the one thing a doctor should never charge for?

Lollipops from a Pediatrician.

3 What’s your favorite medical instrument?

The Defibrillator.

4 If you were in charge of healthcare, what plastic surgery procedure would
you like to make illegal?

Butt reductions!

5 What’s the most unhealthy thing you do?

Smoke cigars.

6 What’s your best home healthcare remedy?

Ice Packs.

7 Would you rather be rich or healthy and why?

Healthy – you can still become wealthy.

8 What would you be willing to give up or do without in exchange for

Cheap Candy.

9 Who was your favorite TV doctor?

Marcus Welby.  

10 If you could have any medical procedure free of charge what would it be?

Any Emergency Room procedure.