iGet2Work introduces Travis Clark. He’s a 21st Century Guy who alternates between being new-agey, giving hugs to everyone (even conniving Wall Street thugs) and being a raging consumer and frustrated freelancer. He does stand-up comedy, writes and acts whenever he can.

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1 What’s the one thing you think insurance companies should never cover?

Their own asses.

2 What’s the one thing a doctor should never charge for?

A doctor not charging for something?  That’s funny.

3 What’s your favorite medical instrument?

The Bone Saw because it’s bad-ass looking and would make an awesome band name.

4 If you were in charge of healthcare, what plastic surgery procedure would
you like to make illegal?

Boob jobs – they are a lie!  A surgical lie!!!!!!

5 What’s the most unhealthy thing you do?

Live in Los Angeles.

6 What’s your best home healthcare remedy?

Did you know you can use Krazy Glue to seal cuts?  Now you do.

7 Would you rather be rich or healthy and why?

I’d rather be rich because they can afford to be healthy.  Good luck trying to stay in shape, eat right and live an active lifestyle on minimum  wage.

8 What would you be willing to give up or do without in exchange for

Insurance companies.

9 Who was your favorite TV doctor?

Dr. House.  A smart-ass, know-it-all who is constantly taking painkillers… sounds familiar.  

10 If you could have any medical procedure free of charge what would it be?

A double lumbar disc replacement at the L4/5 and L3/4 levels.  In other words the exact operation Blue Cross has denied me for 6 years.  Hey Blue Cross if you’re reading this – f#%k you.