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Make sure you check out our t-shirts. Perhaps YOU know a person who you think is worthy of being nominated. In the meanwhile, if you’re an unemployee yourself, we suggest you enjoy the company you’re in and we suggest that you keep your sense of humor going! We’ve got a few tips on how to downsize and still keep your mojo up! GOOD LUCK!

John Galliano

John Galliano

March unemployee of the month!

Wow.  When you tell someone with a video camera that you love hitler you’ll probably be fired.  Dior did just that to John Galliano, a designer who was caught in a Paris Bar hurling racial slurs while smoking a cigarette and sporting a ridiculous hat.


Charlie Sheen

February unemployee of the month!


Charlie Sheen: “Ya. I am on a drug.  it’s called … Charlie Sheen!”

Hmmm.   Ok.  CBS: “You’re fired.”

hosni mubarak

Hosni Mubarak

January unemployee of the month!

Once Upon a Time, on January 25th there was revolution. Mubarak responds: “I’m not leaving.”

Ok.  He’s gone. Why?  The brave Egyptian people fired him.

mr. dropout nate hill

Mr. Dropout!

December unemployee of the month!

Mr. Dropout is an inspired character created by performance artist Nate Hill (twitter @nateXhill) .  “Mr. Dropout hit the reset button on my art. I decided to detach from my past work and erase all former identities.”  Since he is both Unemployed and Employed you can go see the other side of Nate here: Employee of the Month

unemployed man

Unemployed Man!

November unemployee of the month!

Unemployed Man is a new super hero created by Erich Origen and Dan Golan. The two satirists have written a new Graphic Novel which chronicles the kapow kaboom world with villians such as The Man, The Pink Slip & Cobra and other super heros such as Wonder Mother, Fellowman & Plan B,. Thanks to Karen Hicks for the submission!

Rick Sanchez

October unemployee of the month!

One less thing on Rick’s List because CNN fired him. A loud feud between Rick and Jon Stewart may have had something to do with it although no official reason was given.  Was the chip on his shoulder too unsightly? Was it these comments on a recent radio talk show: “I have a lot to say” or “I’m a complex human being?” (or maybe it was the “bigot” and “Jews” comments?) Was it crappy ratings? Or was it his Taser Face?  Rick, take a chill pill and cross yourself off your own list. Mazel Tov.

Devon James

September unemployee of the month!

Tiger Woods’ Mistress #20 was fired by Bunny Ranch owner, Dennis Hof this month.  Boss Hof allegedly wished her the worst in her future endeavors since privacy and discretion is key to being a valued sex worker and he was angry that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.  Now YOU read all you want in that last sentence.  We’re sure you can think of at least 3 funny things we didn’t actually SAY, but implied.


Social Media Miscreants

August unemployee of the month!

Proofpoint, an internet security firm, has done a study of companies with 1000 or more employees, and found that 8% of them have FIRED employees due to miscreant social media habits!  So before you friend your boss and then trash him/her, beware it could mean your pink slip!

Mel Gibson

July unemployee of the month!

This Sweet Talkin’ Man just got a Hot Pink Slip from the Hot Talent Agency, William Morris.  We won’t speculate why.  That’s your job!  Mel’s latest famous quotable lines?  “How dare you ^%& ^^ &*%$ …”

“I’m going to $#@! ^^^ *(&$ …”

“#$^% ^^^ &*% are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Thanks for the nomination to @MoonAngelWings

general mcchrystal

General McChrystal

June unemployee of the month!

The General is known for only sleeping 4 hours a night and only eating one meal a day.  Well, after a no holds barred interview in Rolling Stone, this tired and hungry General got the official Pink Slip from the Obama Administration.  An aide of McChrystal’s is quoted as saying that a meeting with a French Official was ‘gay’ … so we hope he comes to grip with his PINK Pink Slip.

volcano sign


May unemployee of the month!

The volcano Mt. Eyjafjallajökull is totally fired (up) this month!  It’s belching wonderousness has caused all kinds of travel havoc.  Will we be seeing babies 9 months from now? You never know!  Extended vacations can cause … well … extended vacations! The Sign says : CLIMBING AN ERUPTING VOLCANO IS DANGEROUS. duh.

the fool


April unemployee of the month!

MR. FOOL wins our April’s unemployee of the month. For those who never remember that the first day of April brings on trickery and chicanery, the day can hold a lot of peril. He’s a prankster and also has a counterpart, Ms. Fool. We celebrate their humor and hope you all had a safe and happy April Fool’s Day!


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