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mrs cop


March unemployee of the month!

The Cop who sunk in wet cement. Uhhhh, need we say more?

olympic flame malfunction


February unemployee of the month!

On February 12th, the world watched while The Great One (Wayne Gretsky) stood at the Olympic Opening Ceremony by an empty hole that was supposed to have a ginormous flame on a stick. We love the Canadians, tho. Nothing phases them so this won’t phase us either!

chemical ali


January unemployee of the month!

On January 25th, Saddam Hussein’s Personal Kurd-erer, Chemical Ali, was officially fired due to his penchant for killing Kurdish people by means of chemical gas. His pink-slip packet included Death by Hanging. At least he won’t be collecting Iraqi unemployment benefits.

mark sanford


December unemployee of the month!

On December 11, 2009, Jenny Sanford fired her husband, Mark Sanford, by filing for divorce, calling it a “sad and painful process.” After much scandal involving Buenos Aires, Appalachian Trail hikes (wink wink) and an alledged affair, we applaud Ms. Sanford’s executive decision to reshuffle the corporate structure known as Mr. & Mrs. Sanford, inc. Bye Mark!

human mammogram


November unemployee of the month!

Mammograms at 40 were fired this month, only to be needed at 50. Technically, it’s a 10 year layoff, but we’re mourning non-theless. The Government brainiacs came out this month, with a new guideline for woman’s breast cancer screenings declaring that starting at 50 was soon enough. We urge you to consult your doctor before listening to the government or the guy to your left.

saturn logo


October unemployee of the month!

Sigh. An entire line of cars was fired this month.

david carradine


September unemployee of the month!

The tragic demise of David Carradine during a suspected dangerous sex act, makes it likely that if someone helped him, this accomplice would certainly be unemployed after such a negative outcome with Mr. Carradine. Or, if the actor was assisting himself in the endeavor, we think he didn’t do a very good job since death was probably not the intended outcome. RIP. We will miss you.

conrad murray


August unemployee of the month!

Michael Jackson’s alledged Doctor, Conrad Murray, alledgedly lost his job when Michael Jackson died tragically this month. Dr. Conrad was hired, alledgedly, in May of 2009 … so his 4 month stint, alledgedly, was enough to alledgedly kill his employer. This, alledgedly, is a horrible way to end a term of employment. Young people, learn from this alledged tradgedy.

peter cammarano


July unemployee of the month!

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Hoboken’s youngest mayor resigned after a mere 30 days in office for ALLEDGEDLY taking a 25k bribe for some high-rise building project. Along with Mr. Cammarano, the Feds dragged in a few Rabbi’s and alledged a scandal that included selling internal organs for 10k and re-selling them for 160k. Nice.

sarah palin


June unemployee of the month!

How odd is this. Ms. Palin, The Alaskan Governator, gave herself a pink-slip party. Apparently she is living that age old sign that people post when they’re unemployed … or just plain fed-up: “Gone Fishin’.”

alex mccord


May unemployee of the month!

Apparently she lost her job as a graphic designer for Victoria’s Secret. Perhaps her $8000 shopping spree will have to be sold on ebay to help pay for, um, well, social climbing?  We wish her luck.  We have no doubt that she’ll find better work … maybe on

liz smith


March unemployee of the month!

Ms. Smith, like many of us, got her pink slip from the New York Post. However, this World Famous Gossip Columnist has become our Employee of the Month for this same month! Go see how she reveals her second act here.

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