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and the winner is...

Our February Winner: Kiwi the Seeing Eye Dog!

During the Christchurch Earthquake, Kiwi the hard working guide dog for blind office worker  Blair McConnell, navigated through treacherous terrain to get his human to safety!

When the quake hit and Blair and Kiwi realized that there wasn’t enough room for both of them under the desk … nor was it a good idea to stay in the building … Kiwi kept on task as he threaded his way through flying concrete, screaming people and many more aftershocks.  The nearly retired Kiwi, is being hailed a hero ‘Down Under’ where taking your job seriously has a new profound meaning.

Employee of the month is the least we could do for this heroic canine.  We also say “wooja wooja wooja. we wuv u, Kiwi!”

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