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jack nicholson first job

Jack Nicholson, Academy Award winning actor, producer and director has thrilled audiences with characters ranging from the sublime to the insanely sublime.  Some of Jack’s early job experiences included summer life guarding stints and work in a toy factory.

vincent price first job

Vincent Price, actor, artist and all-time master of the macabre known for his chilling performances, distinctive theatrical voice and menacing looks.  Price’s family fortune came from his grandfather’s baking powder invention.  The Yale graduate once worked as a schoolteacher and occasional bus driver.


Jason Lee, actor, is well-known for his quirky characters in films and TV shows including “My Name Is Earl” and “Memphis Beat.”  Lee dropped out of high school to pursue his first career as a professional skateboarder.

Chris Colfer, actor, known best for his falsetto singing voice on the TV hit “Glee”.  Colfer’s work resume includes cookie scooper in a school cafeteria and counter clerk at a dry cleaner.

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